Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What's Going on at Wyoming Women's Business Center

March 3rd, 2011 Laramie Business Roundtable featuring Pitch Engine, a social media PR business headquartered in Wyoming
Exciting times here at the Wyoming Women’s Business Center! Our Marketing Director and great graphic designer and artist, Chuck Egnaczak, is going to be helping expand our on-line training programs, we are starting to plan our late summer multi-day 2nd annual Business of Art seminar, and we are continuing our Business Roundtables throughout the state. We have such forward thinking employees who are vibrant, hardworking, and very innovative in their approaches to helping our Wyoming citizens become economically self-sufficient using their creative skills, be they women, people of color, disabled, and/or low-income individuals. Felicia, our graphic designer and photographer who comes to us courtesy of awesome Americorp, loves designing business identities and logos for our new small business owner clients. She “likes to show our clients that art and business do go together!” If you live in Wyoming and want to start or expand a small business to become self-sufficient, please click here to find out who we serve and what we do.

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