Friday, April 8, 2011

Go Visit an Art Studio!

Joanne Hennes
Plein Air painting
below the Tetons
I talked to Joanne Hennes, the other day. We had a visitor in the Works of Wyoming Gallery who wanted to know more about her technique so I gave her a call. Joanne lives in a beautiful area near Teton National  Park and shared details of her life in art. What a life it is! She is an extraordinarily accomplished artist and a vibrant personality. She started out in theater and scenic art. I could definitely see how that experience led to the grand scale of the scenes she paints of the Tetons and the surrounding Wyoming landscape. She spends a lot of time out in nature. She loves music and has sung with a choir. She enjoys visiting about a wide range of subjects. She is clearly a great businesswoman, educating her listener with passion and joy! The studio is open to the public. Next time you’re near the Tetons go visit the studio. Have a wonderful time.

"The Crossing"
30x50 Oil on Canvas
Triangle X horses crossing the Buffalo River

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