Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Highlighting Wyoming Women's Business Center Staff Achievements

Rebecca Sissman, Women in Business Champion of the Year, and her new granddaughter, Anabel.
Highlighting Staff Achievements!

We are so proud to tell our clients and all our friends about our own Rebecca Sissman, Office Manager for Wyoming Women’s Business Center. She was recently selected for the Women in Business Champion of the Year Award from the U.S. Small Business Administration. Steven F. Despain, Wyoming District Director said, “Her hard work, innovative ideas and dedication have made her a success in our community.” Susan Davis, photographer, micro entrepreneur, and client of Works of Wyoming and Wyoming Women’s Business Center, had these things to say about Rebecca. “She is well informed about the programs and grants ...and always imparts this information with kindness and genuine enthusiasm for the success of her clients… I have come to believe that she truly cares about advancing the ability of women to flourish in the business world. Her positive demeanor and shepherding of clients through the process of finding assistance really does make a difference in women’s lives.”  Rebecca also has a brand new granddaughter, Anabel!  Cheers for a busy life, and congrat's again!
Nice job, Rebecca!

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