Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gifts 4 U at WOW

Gifts 4 U at WOW
Gift Baskets for All Occasions by
Gaining Independencs for Transitioning Students
The Laramie Plains Civic Center hosts many interesting non-profits. Gifts for U is one of them. It stands for Gaining Independence for Transitioning Students. It is a non-profit business created by Albany County School District 1 students from theTransition Academy. The Works of Wyoming Gallery Lobby has their awesome gift baskets on hand. The baskets are really fun and colorful and artistic. The students, 18-21 years of age, learn job skills that include marketing, advertising, inventory, bookkeeping and accounting. They learn life skills like how to manage their free time and set their own schedules.
There are gift baskets for a lot of different occasions. New Baby, Birthday, Coffee Lovers, Get Well, Holidays, Thinking of You, and Study and Good Luck baskets are all available. Pick one for your special occasion or feature them at your next party. Call the WOW gallery at  307-745-6574 or Gifts 4 U at 307-721-0103.

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