Friday, April 27, 2012

Baltimore, MD, March 2012 –

T.C. Galltin has ventured out on her own as a self-published author with the re-release of her debut novel Zaire’s Place. After parting ways with her ex-publisher, All Things That Matter Press, she has decided this was the best route to get her work back into the hands of the public. With a new cover and reedited work, she is hoping there will be renewed interest in her project.

Zaire’s Place tells the story of three very different women at a domestic violence shelter in Baltimore, MD. It’s real…it’s raw…and three women will never be the same. Domestic violence is an issue that Ms. Galltin has dealt with personally. It is her hope that her novel will encourage women dealing with abuse to get help. “I am excited about this new chapter of my life,” T.C. Galltin stated. “It feels so good to have creative control over your own work. With the re-release of my novel, I am my own boss, which is a breath of fresh air.” She said that she is grateful to be living in a time when authors hold the key to their own future, rather than relying on a publisher to make things happen for them.

 Ms. Galltin also said that she does not want to focus on the past and is looking forward with great optimism to her future as a published author. She has fallen in love with the ladies of Zaire’s Place and hopes the world will, too. “DV is a serious issue, but Zaire’s Place entertains as well as enlightens. The women of ZP are quite a group of characters. I feel like I’m longtime friends with them,” Ms. Galltin stated.
Zaire’s Place is available in Kindle format from Readers who do not own a Kindle can download Amazon’s free software for PCs. To find out more about Ms. Galltin, visit her main website,, or her blog,

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