Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How to Talk About Money

100 Wyoming Women
willing to talk about money.It's no secret that Wyoming has the worst gender pay gap in the nation. That's right. The Equality State comes in dead last when the equality we're talking about is money.

Pundits have speculated and research has been done to diagnose the problem--yet year after year we continue to lag behind. I believe we would all like to see this change, and I believe Wyoming's business women can have a powerful role in catalyzing that change.

That's why one of my first projects as the new Executive Director of the Wyoming Smart Capital Network is to host a TeleSummit April 10-12 designed for Wyoming business women. Twelve awesome 1/2-hour sessions offer food for thought, inspiration, and solid strategies to help us improve our money mojo. The smarter we get about money, the more power we have to create change.

I'm looking for 100 or more Wyoming women to join this important conversation. Are you one of them? Details here.
Diane Wolverton
Executive Director
Wyoming Smart Capital Network

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